For over 3 decades, family-owned Buffet Marina has had the pleasure of hosting weddings and corporate events in their elegant halls with their signature authentic Italian cuisine and impeccable service. Guest are treated like family by devoted staff, many of whom have been an integral part of the Marina team for over 10 years.


There's an old business adage, focus on what you do best. Many in the event industry interpret this as having to focus on a business model, for example classic dining or modern cuisine. Choosing a single model would appear to make sense, as you can allocate all your business resources to one goal. After all, it takes considerable energy to perfectly master one form over the other.

Rarely do business strive to perfect both, and why would they? Many customers have not experienced the intricate balance of blending classic and modern, and are rarely in search of such. Many have bought into the principle of "keep it simple", pick one or the either. It takes a lot of energy to maintain a perfect balance, and that is what we at Buffet Marina have made our lifelong goal - find the perfect balance of Classic Service with a dash of Modern Flair. We then apply passionate devotion in ensuring we deliver on that promise in everything we do. It takes a lot of energy to maintain this model, but we are driven by it. Our business objective is indeed to focus on what we do best, perfectly blend "Classic with Modern".


"Old-school" Italian food, the way Mom would make it. Indeed our Mamma's family recipes have been tweaked over the years to deliver consistency and reliable quality no matter the scale of your event. Quality European ingredients, local produce, fresh pasta and homemade sauces highlight the house specialty: melt-in-your mouth aged meat. At Buffet Marina, quality of the meat is a source of pride: the beef is always aged 50 days, and every single veal chops is milk-fed. Don't hesitate to ask us to incorporate a special request to our menu, we also accommodate dietary restrictions.


You will be received like family. We treat all of our events with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our dedicated staff have been with us for decades, gaining intimate knowledge of every square inch of our kitchen and halls. This knowledge translates into perfect quality and consistency of the meals and service as well as invaluable support while planning your perfect event.

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Even after 3 decades, it's always an honor when our guests trust us with their family gatherings, weddings, anniversary Celebrations or professional events such Christmas parties, Cocktail events or promotional parties. It is our main responsibility to ensure the entire satisfaction of each and every guest.